These represent web sites that may provide more information to advance your understanding of painful conditions and the role of interventional pain medicine.


Accucare Pain Medicine

A collection of videos which describe a variety of interventional pain procedures. Click the "I agree" button and click the listed item to view the animation.

Pain Multimedia Library

These video modules present a basic overview of common pain syndromes. Click the icon to the right of listed condition to view the animation.

The American Pain Foundation

This is the website for an independent nonprofit organization serving people with pain through information, advocacy, and support. This is a source for much information about several painful conditions.

American Pain Society

The web site of a multidisciplinary organization with the stated mission to advance pain-related research, education, treatment and professional practice.

Medtronic Corporation

This medical device company is the leading supplier of spinal cord stimulation and intraspinal drug delivery systems. The website presents useful information about several painful conditions as well as implantable therapies.