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Interventional Pain Medicine is a specialty that encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions which manifest pain. McKenna, Ruggeroli and Helmi Pain Specialists attempts to provide a rational approach to the management of such painful conditions. Our approach involves the establishment of the correct diagnosis which allows us to implement appropriate and effective treatments. In some cases, treatments are used to palliate the pain of incurable conditions.

McKenna, Ruggeroli and Helmi Pain Specialists consists of five medical providers, Michael J. McKenna, MD, FIPP, Anthony C. Ruggeroli, MD, Nader N. Helmi, DO, Dale J. Delaney, PA-C and Markey D. Hand, PA-C. Each of these medical professionals’ practices pain medicine full-time. Dr. McKenna, Dr. Ruggeroli, Dr. Helmi, Dale J. Delaney PA-C, and Markey D. Hand PA-C work as a team to provide timely initial consultations and initiation of treatment as well as scheduled follow-up visits. Such follow-up visits are essential to optimal care, allowing for modifications of the treatment plan based upon the results of previous interventions.

All patients are initially seen at our office in the southwestern Las Vegas valley. Please refer to the "Contact Us" section of this site for directions. A thorough patient history is a prerequisite for proper diagnosis and treatment. We ask all patients to fill out a detailed questionnaire before their first visit. The questionnaire can be accessed on this website. The initial consultation consists of an interview and examination, as well as a review of previous diagnostic studies and treatments. Because of the preliminary information required, a new patient should arrive 30 minutes prior to the first appointment and make arrangements to be in our office for approximately 90 minutes. At the conclusion of this first visit, Dr. McKenna, Dr. Ruggeroli or Dr. Helmi will discuss treatment options and a plan will be initiated. A dictated report will be sent to the referring physician. Frequently, painful conditions are difficult to diagnose and treat and may require several visits over several months to arrive at a satisfactory outcome.

Treatment may include the use of medications. Several medications which treat other conditions may be effective for certain painful conditions, including antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and antiarrythmics. Opioid medications, also called narcotics, may be prescribed in specific cases. Because of the potential for complications, all patients prescribed opioids are required to sign a formal agreement and must be assessed at regular intervals. Assessments may include a formal inquiry of previous medication prescriptions and/or urine drug tests.

Interventional techniques are used to treat certain conditions. These procedures are performed at a surgery center, where access to state-of-the-art imaging systems, medical equipment and nursing care are available. Most procedures are performed at the Surgical Arts Center, located at 9499 West Charleston, Suite 250. This JACO-accredited surgery center is designed to maximize patient comfort and safety. Please refer to the "Your Procedures" section of this site for more details.

Other disciplines may be used in conjunction with our services. These may include psychological services, radiological services, physical therapy, chiropractic and/or surgery.

If the underlying painful conditions cannot be adequately treated, then palliative techniques may be employed in selected patients. These procedures are called spinal cord stimulation and intraspinal drug delivery; techniques designed to deliver electrical energy or medications, respectively, to the spinal cord. In addition to treating painful conditions, these procedures can be applied to certain patients suffering from intractable spasticity or vascular disease. Spinal cord stimulation and intraspinal drug delivery are sophisticated procedures that require technical expertise and careful follow-up for successful outcome.

Michael J. McKenna MD, FIPP, Anthony C. Ruggeroli, MD, Nader N. Helmi, DO, and the staff at McKenna, Ruggeroli and Helmi Pain Specialists are dedicated to the task of optimizing the lives of patients in pain. We recognize the difficulties of painful conditions and their treatments. Every effort will be made to provide friendly, courteous and prompt service. Improving life quality is the primary goal at McKenna, Ruggeroli and Helmi Pain Specialists. We take pride in our record of success.