Welcome to McKenna, Ruggeroli & Helmi Pain Specialists!

We are dedicated to providing timely, effective and ethical medical care for patients suffering pain in southern Nevada.

Michael J. McKenna MD, FIPP, Anthony C. Ruggeroli, MD, Nader N. Helmi, DO, Noel M. Rowan, MD, Mark Knutson, PA-C and the staff at McKenna, Ruggeroli & Helmi Pain Specialists are dedicated to the task of optimizing the lives of patients in pain. We recognize the difficulties of painful conditions and their treatments. Every effort will be made to provide friendly, courteous and prompt service. Improving life quality is the primary goal at McKenna, Ruggeroli and Helmi Pain Specialists. We take pride in our record of success.

Dr. McKenna, Dr. Ruggeroli and Dr. Helmi are interested in all aspects of pain medicine, encompassing common back pain to advanced malignant conditions. They believe in preventative maintenance and the incorporation of a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. Drs. McKenna, Ruggeroli and Helmi believe that the effective treatment of pain requires three steps: the establishment of a correct diagnosis, the treatment of the diagnosed pathology, and, if necessary, the palliation of the pain of incurable conditions. The mission of McKenna, Ruggeroli and Helmi Pain Specialists is to provide timely, effective, compassionate and ethical medical care to patients in pain. Such care may consist of medications, injections, diagnostic interventions, nerve ablations, physical therapy, psychological therapy, surgical procedures or a combination of these modalities. The optimal care for some conditions may require consultation with other medical providers such as surgeons, neurologists, physical therapists, chiropractors, psychologists and other specialists.

Dr. McKenna, Dr. Ruggeroli and Dr. Helmi individualize the treatment of each patient, designing a specific program to maximize function and minimize pain. The time-course of treatment, the duration of improvement and the final results vary with each patient. Drs. McKenna, Ruggeroli and Helmi believe that the definition of successful treatment, while unique to each patient, is based upon the concept of increasing function. The treatment goal at McKenna, Ruggeroli and Helmi Pain Specialists is to optimize each patient's ability to fully participate in the art of living.




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